Getting Support

Articles- News, Research, Interviews, Blogs:

A look at mental illness in college (Cal Poly, 2017),

Tips for Parents Talking with Their Children About Suicide and 13 Reasons Why (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

The Psychological Approach to Educating Kids (3/30/17) Increased focus on kids’ psychological health may seem like the education world's flavor of the day, but it's achieving results.

How to Talk About Mental Health Issues (Child Mind Institute): When teens are struggling, speaking up can be hard, but reaching out is the first step to feeling better. How to get started.


None at this time


Learning to Treat Each Other with Respect (2.35)


TEAM (Teaching Everyone About Mental Health) website- watch the 2.20 minute video to get an overview and learn how best to use the website to find support

Parents Helping Parents

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Association of School Psychologists