Mindful Spotlight on Inner Explorer with Laurie Grossman


Stressed Teens wants to spread the word about what Inner Explorer does.
Gina interviewed her long time dear friend and colleague, Laurie Grossman about her work with Inner Explorer.

 Inner Explorer provides the daily practice that makes mindfulness a habit changing the lives of kids, teachers, and families.

Inner Explorer provides the daily practice that makes mindfulness a habit changing the lives of kids, teachers, and families.

In 2007, Laurie Grossman was a Co-founder of Mindful Schools. Prior to that she was engaged in spreading social emotional learning to a diverse group of schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.  An advocate for social justice her entire career, she believes mindfulness to be the most effective tool to create educational equity. Inner Explorer found Laurie in October, 2014. The idea of bringing mindfulness into classrooms throughout the country directly, easily and inexpensively thrilled Laurie. She enthusiastically accepted the invitation to join the IE team! As the Director of Program Development and Outreach, her goal is to provide diverse programming and spread Inner Explorer's programs as widely as possible. Laurie's work is very inspiring!

Inner Explorer is somewhat of a miracle. It makes possible that kids and teachers everywhere can practice mindfulness every school day easily, effectively, and inexpensively. When practiced daily, educators witness significant changes in individual students, classrooms, and in entire school communities -- academically, socially, and emotionally. By fostering 'readiness to learn' Inner Explorer makes all other curriculum from math, to reading, to science etc. more effective.

So you might ask, "What is Inner Explorer and how does it work?"

Inner Explorer is an audio-guided mindfulness program designed for daily use in Pre K through high school classrooms. There are 90 sessions, 10 minutes in length, which include a two-minute period for journaling. The series is played twice during a school year. (Preschool is five minutes long and does not include journaling).

Why is Inner Explorer Unique?

  • Ease of Use!! Teacher training is only 20 minutes online. Classroom teachers don't teach mindfulness, they learn with their students.
  • Daily login requires only the push of a button! Works best when teacher participates.
  • Daily usage throughout the school year creates a habit for students and teachers.
  • It's inexpensive making it accessible to all schools.
  • IE provides an important bridge from school to home! Parents and guardians have free access to the program enabling them to learn mindfulness with their children!
  • The program benefits teachers as much as their students. They gain 5 to 20 minutes of teaching time daily because their students are able to focus more easily.
  • Teachers experience 43% less stress when they use the program daily.
  • Teachers and students learn together creating a lovely paradigm shift in teacher student relationships.
  • Because the program is digitally delivered, researching its effectiveness on grades, test scores, discipline and stress is easy. Research demonstrates that classes that use IE regularly experience a 9.8 - 28% increase in grades and test scores, a 60% reduction in disciplinary incidents and a 43% reduction in teacher stress.

On the Inner Explorer main website (http://innerexplorer.org) you can find many testimonial videos that really demonstrate just how easy and powerful this program is.

They are offering a 21-Day free trial! On the Inner Explorer website (http://www.innerexplorer.org) go to 'Our Programs' and hit the trial experience button to check out their Preschool, elementary, middle school and high school programs.


What could make your day easier as a teacher?
What could drastically impact the overall success of children not only in school, but in life?

Building awareness creates space between you and what you do. This results in good decision-making. Mindfulness is being in the present moment, without judgment. Living mindfully reduces stress and helps children learn how to be kinder to each other recognizing classmates' and family members' emotions, fostering empathy and compassion.
One of Laurie's favorite stories to share is a comment made to her by a 3rd grade boy in February, 2007, the very first class of the mindfulness in education pilot in Oakland that eventually became Mindful Schools.  He said, "I think if we do this every day we are not gonna fight anymore." Kids absorb and crave the ability to self regulate and be engaged. They want to make good decisions and pay attention.
The 10-minute audios and journaling exercises allow teachers and parents to quickly make mindfulness a habit at a young age.
Breathing is an anchor to the present; it teaches kids to pay attention!

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