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Mindfulness & Technology

Online Program for Parents and Professionals

with Steve Brashear and Gina Biegel


july 14th & July 21st, 2018 –Two Saturdays

9:00aM to 1:00PM PT

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Who Can Benefit from Participating in this Course

This course is for anyone that has looked at the icons on their kid's phone or heard some new website mentioned on the news and said "What the heck is that?" If you're not sure what the difference is between a meme and a megabyte this course is for you.

What is Mindfulness & Technology All About?


Technology in today's world is pervasive and moves extremely fast. What is state of the art today is obsolete tomorrow. Trying to keep up with the pace of change can seem like a full time job.

This constant and inexorable change can be daunting but it can also create wide social gaps between generations. Kids who have grown up with smart phones seem to speak a different language than their parents. Teens today have always lived in a highly interconnected world, younger kids have grown up in an even more interconnected world than their older siblings. And their parents? Way out of touch.

The goal of this class is to help bring parents and professionals working with young people up to date with some of the technologies their kids are using every day. A better understanding of the technology kids are growing up with can empower adults to help their kids navigate their world in a healthier way and make sense of what they are experiencing.

In addition to bringing parents and professionals up to date on modern technologies, this class aims to bring Mindfulness into some of these technologies and their use.


8 HOURS OF ONLINE learning!



Saturdays July 14th & 21st, 2018

2 Weekly Sessions, 4 hours of LIVE interaction per session



What You Can Expect

  • 8 hours of live 2-way voice and video interaction with Gina Biegel and Steve Brashear.      
  • You will have the opportunity to listen, learn, interact, and practice the exercises and interventions with your peers in this program.                                                 
  • You will gain valuable insights to reduce the stress and worries that you face that come from technology.                    
  • Complimentary Supplemental Resources in digital format.      
  • Free access to all course PowerPoints and recorded content.                            
  • Recordings of the two sessions to view and review, especially to accommodate participants who cannot otherwise attend the live portion.                     
  • Course Certificate at the end of the training        

You can attend a future 2-Session series at no additional charge.    

REGULAR Course Price:  $250.00 USD



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