Pain is inevitable in life; stress is optional.

Mindfulness is one way you can begin dealing with your stress. Why does mindfulness work?

  1. Being present may add clarity and vividness to experience and create higher quality or optimal moment-to-moment experiences.
  2. Because mindfulness is about grounding consciousness in the present, the mind is less likely to be captivated by self-generated mental accounts about the past and future, as well as the rumination, regret, anxiety, and other experiences that can dampen the experience of well-being.
  3. Mindfulness may facilitate well-being through an enhanced ability to regulate emotions. If we could get a clear look at our ways of thinking and feeling, rather than just following their leads unconsciously or semi-consciously, then perhaps we could respond more consciously and choicefully rather than react on the basis of habit or situational circumstances.

This website will help you explore mindfulness, begin to understand how mindfulness affects the brain, and potentially change your life.

What other teens have said:

“I have learned to stop dwelling in the past. The past is the past, it will never change. Thanks a lot.”

“I've gotten rested and more confident. If this was 8 weeks ago I wouldn't have talked to anybody”

“I learned ways to manage stress and anger without resulting in violence of any type.”