Mindful Spotlight on Mindfulness Without Borders with Theo Koffler


 Mindful work unfolds from inspiring conversations and sharing with others in the community!

Building relationships in the mindfulness community is important to both Theo Koffler and Gina Biegel.

Stressed Teens is highlighting Theo Koffler, a valued colleague and good friend of Gina Biegel. She is the founder of Mindfulness Without Borders (MWB), a registered charitable organization in both the US and Canada. Since 2007, Theo and her small team are laser-focused in developing curriculum that helps young people cultivate a firm grounding in social and emotional intelligence. Their programs address the soft skills we all need to manage the ups and downs of daily life and mitigate the stress that comes from constant peer pressures to achieve.

In 2015, when The Huffington Post celebrated its ten-year anniversary, it recognized Mindfulness Without Borders as an organization providing meaningful and innovative solutions that will shape the next decade!

This year, MWB is celebrating its ten-year anniversary and they are offering a 15% discount on their new Rethink Digital Kit to honor the important work accomplished in the Stressed Teens community. (See details below/offer ends April 15th!)

Happy 10th Anniversary MWB!

“It all comes back to walking a path of mindfulness,”
— Theo Koffler when asked about the secret to the growth of Mindfulness Without Borders

 This month, as homage to MWB, we are shining a spotlight on their new
Rethink Digital Kit

Designed for Middle and High School educators, Rethink Digital Kit offers over 100 classroom-tested activities to bolster the competencies that today's youth need to thrive. The activities take no longer than 5-15 minutes and inspire students to rethink their perspectives, expand their horizons, manage stress, and build a more compassionate understanding of the world in which they inhabit.

RETHINK Digital Kit | Getting Started

To check out the Rethink Digital Kit

Preview five sample activities from the Digital Kit.

MWB is offering the Stressed Teens community a 15% discount on any of the Rethink products including the digital lesson plans, conversation cards, and inspirational posters.

Shop now and use the discount code RethinkST17
(offer ends April 15, 2017)

The Rethink Digital Tookit is a must have for any middle/secondary teacher looking to integrate mindfulness based SEL into their instruction. Mindfulness Without Borders has created an incredibly accessible resource with beautifully designed units and inspiring content-it makes me want to return to the classroom just so I can use this toolkit!
— Meena Srinivasan, Program Manager, Office of Social and Emotional Learning, Oakland Unified Schools District; Author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom
Rethink Digital Kit empowers you to systematically learn how to become more present in life. What you get from these activities in being more mindful, more awake, more present, is not only more balance in your emotions and thinking, but also enhancements in the health of both your body and your relationships with others, and your self! Not bad for simply leaning to show up in life. Try it and see for yourself!
— Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. Author of Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human and Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute
Mindfulness Without Borders has developed a profound toolbox of lessons and strategies to help students become more present, empathic, and relaxed. Weaving together technology and engaging mindfulness practices these lessons are sure to help foster a more peaceful and inspired school.
— Daniel Rechtschaffen, Author: The Mindful Education Workbook: Lessons for Teaching Mindfulness to Students
I absolutely LOVE it. It’s fun and active, great for my High School students. I love the consistency and flow of the different models. Easy to read and digest. Bravo, Bravo.
— Betsy Zeger, Conflict Coach
A wonderful kit....inviting, practical, and transformative to the lives of your students.
— Jack Kornfield, Author: A Path With Heart