Stressed Teens Mindfulness for Parents and Teens 3-Week Training


WINTER Schedule 2019

TBD, 2019


Weekly Live Class Dates and Times:

To View LIVE Each Week. 

2 Hours Per Week (6 Hours of Instruction)

  • Live Class 1: TBD, 2019 430-630 PM PT

  • Live Class 2: TBD, 2019 430-630 PM PT

  • Live Class 3: TBD, 2019 430-630 PM PT

All course times are listed in Pacific Time


Session Content Includes:

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Session 1: You Can Be, Do, and Have Anything! Create Your Ideal Self and Life

      This session will enable teens and their parents to explore questions related to their identity in a fun and interactive way, with the ultimate goal of answering a deeper question: Who are you?  

During our time together, we will:

  • Spend meaningful time discussing the ideal life you want to create and how you can help shape it

  • Identify the strengths, interests, skills, values, and personality of both the teen and parent—exploring how you are similar and different

  • Use experiential activities and creative expression to clearly recognize what you enjoy, value, and excel at

Session 2: #TheBestConnectionsHaveNoWifi

Today, teens and parents alike can easily spend as much time on mobile devices as they do in the real world. In a fast-paced, data-obsessed culture that has been redefined by the Internet and social media, how often do we find ourselves texting a loved one (often from the next room!) instead of making time for meaningful conversation?

This session will focus on helping teens and parents connect—mindfully and meaningfully. Together, we will:

  • Explore the ways in which social media and technology impact our daily lives

  • Practice mindful communication and the T.R.U.E. method of communication, which can be applied to all social interactions

  • Consider how words impact others and focus on communicating positive, kind messages

  • Use creative expression to discover your individual and interpersonal styles of communicating

Session 3: De-Stress for Success: Be MindFUL Not MindLESS

Do you manage your life or does your life manage you? Teens and parents who are mindful will avoid feeling overwhelmed, respond to stressful situations effectively, control their day from the moment they wake up, and become masters at managing their time.

This session will explore how mindfulness starts with noticing your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in the present moment—without judgment. You will:

  • Learn to evaluate the areas in your life that cause you the greatest amount of stress

  • Discover ways manage stress and improve productivity, focus, and well-being

  • Learn a proven, mindful approach to schoolwork, time management, and life outside of school