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Click the Video Above to Watch the Free Orientation

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Be Mindful & Artful

A 4-Week Mindful Art Course for Everyone

with Cheryl Sosnowski, MMT


October 10th-November 13th 2019 –Wednesdays

4:30PM to 6:00PM PT

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What is Be Mindful & Artful?


This is a live online art for mindfulness class hosted by Arizona artist and mindfulness teacher, Cheryl Sosnowski. Art is an alternative way to meditate, that is both a stress reliever and a fun way to “exercise” your whole brain. This class will cover mindfulness basics, and apply those concepts to simple creative exercises anyone can do – even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic”.

Course Rationale

Most people think that creative people are born that way, that it’s a “gift” and that creativity is a “right-brained” activity, when in fact, research out of Penn State University has shown that creative activity strengthens neural connections between both hemispheres of the brain and increases the white matter of the brain. Bringing mindful awareness to art practices is both relaxing and a fun way to increase your creative, dynamic thinking. This means you can bring a fresh perspective to problem solving in all of life. Creative practice is a safe and private way to play with curiosity (what if I…), practice safe risk-taking, and practice honest and powerful personal self-expression. My goal is to give you tools to better manage your stress, calm your mind, change your perspective, and increase your creativity, which will help you come up with dynamic new ways to solve life’s everyday problems.

Mindful and Artful Practices Strengthen:

1.     Perception and awareness

2.     Focus and effort

3.     Discernment and Judgment

4.     A new point of view – changes in perspective

5.     Intuitive, authentic expression, and have you ever heard someone say “I wish I didn’t trust me intuition?” Neither have I!

The practice improves Emotional Intelligence: safe risk-taking, improved confidence, clarity and insight, greater empathy, curiosity, compassion, better self-regulation and emotional management, and healthy self-expression.


WEEK 1: Turning off auto-pilot and coming to our senses

WEEK 2: Presence and Big Brush Painting – mindfulness of body

WEEK 3: A new perspective – Learning to see Differently

WEEK 4: Bringing Awareness to Life


Anyone who wants to strengthen their right + left brain hemispheres (art isn’t just right-brained). Anyone who is dealing with stress in their life and would like to discover a healthy stress relieving outlet. Anyone who wants to learn to tune in more to their intuition and be a more dynamic and creative thinker – for all of life.


6 HOURS OF ONLINE learning!



October 23rd--November 13th, 2019

4 Weekly Sessions, 1.5 hours of LIVE interaction per week



Each week you will receive 1.5 hours of online training!

You can attend a future 4-Session series at no additional charge.    

REGULAR Course Price:  $275.00 USD



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Group discounts are available for groups of 3 participants or more.

Creativity Takes Courage

By the time we are 10 years old, we begin judging our art, and it is around this time that instead of learning the skills to improve our art to meet up to our standards, we stop making art and label ourselves “not creative.” But the truth is that everything you do in life is an act of creativity – you create your life with the choices you make and actions you take. What kind of life would you create if you discovered that the greatest masterpiece is you?


There is an opening that happens within you with creative practice. A big part of this practice is that art making is meaningful and healing to the person making the art. It is a deeply personal and experiential process. It takes a lot of courage to show up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and to allow another part of your brain (the subconscious) to express itself in a way for you to tangibly see. For this reason, I liken painting to dreaming with a paintbrush. It requires you to trust your intuitive guidance, suspend your judgment and allow yourself to step into curiosity and be led by it. (plus it’s fun!)

You will find that through self-reflection your thinking and perspective will change, and by sharing and listening to the experiences of others, you will discover how very similar our fears and vulnerabilities really are. In this way compassion and empathy are cultivated as you hear and discover that while our struggles are all different, the way we feel is similar.

You will be given access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions, or to share your own artwork and journey


Access to Videos and downloadable PDF’s of weekly content, weekly awareness practices, live Q+A at the end of each session, a Facebook Group, recommended reading.

Course Certificate at the end of the training        

Credit for the Mindful and Artful Practices List: Margaret Jones Callahan, Founder of MBAT (Mindfulness Based Art Teachers)