These courses are not psychotherapy or medical treatment. If you need either of these services, please find a provider near you. If this is a medical or psychiatric emergency call and dial 911 or your local emergency services number and/or go to your nearest hospital. 


We work hard to stay on schedule, but in cases of utmost necessity we may change the time or date of a scheduled course. In that unlikely event you will receive notice via email as early as possible. 

Course dates and times are subject to change, but it is the intention that this not take place unless of utmost necessity.  Courses are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) depending on the time of year.


Refunds are not available.  Exception: individual consideration to be evaluated by Stressed Teens on a case-by-case basis, but Stressed Teens reserves the right to refuse refund. 

Stressed Teens does not financially guarantee your total satisfaction with the course. However, we are highly interested in your ideas and critical observations and will work hard to understand and incorporate them. Please email training@stressedteens.com with comments, concerns or questions.


Gina M. Biegel, MA, LMFT provider #PCE4940, is accredited by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide up to 35 hours of continuing education credit for this certificate training program to MFT's and/or LCSW's as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are earned as follows: attend 1 hour of training earns 1 earned CEU. You should check with your specific licensing board to verify that they accept these CEUs.

Intellectual Property

Materials provided to course participants are not are not to be duplicated, distributed, or modified without verifiably explicit written consent and specific permission from Stressed Teens. Stressed Teens retains all intellectual property rights to all contents appearing during the course.

Certificate Completion Requirements and Expectations

The Stressed Teens on-line certificate program is offered to participants that have a strong interest and/or background in any or all of the following areas: the practice and teaching of mindfulness, personal and professional development, health and well-being, emotional development, and community building.   In order to adequately prepare to be a Stressed Teens Facilitator and Instructor, participants are required to do two things:

1. Attend or view all 20 classes 

2. Complete all assignments and at-home practices provided

Scope of Certification

The successful completion of 1 and 2 listed above certifies the completing participant to facilitate the full Stressed Teens program as it is to their own clients, attendees, students, and external organizations.  Certified Stressed Teen Facilitators are are not able to directly train or certify others without the expressed written permission of Stressed Teens.  Successful completion of this certification training does not consider graduates as employees of Stressed Teens and does not guarantee working as a facilitator for Stressed Teens.

Stressed Teens is located in California, USA.