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10-Week Stressed Teens Certificate Program


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Stressed Teens is Celebrating its 15th year with Brand New and Updated Content. This reflects current program content and interventions based on research and a grant developed especially for Stanford University (Biegel G.M., Chang K., Garrett A., Edwards M. 2014). 


  • Second Edition Stress Reduction Workbook This course will provide the new activities from the 2nd Edition Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal With Stress (2017). You will still have access to the First Edition too!

  • Be Mindful Card Deck You will learn how to use resources from the newly published Be Mindful: A Card Deck for Teens (2016).

  • New Stressed Teens Instructor Guide

  • New Supplemental Instructor Guide

  • New 8-Session Summary of MBSR-T

  • Brand new PowerPoints for all Live and Pre-recorded Classes. With access to download all digital files.

  • New Audio Files over 10 new mindfulness audio practices from 2016 and 2017 will be provided.

  • You can attend a future 10-Session series at no additional charge.

Gina Biegel has put together an intensive training for professionals interested in helping stressed adolescents find relief and clarity based on her direct experience supporting teens during this challenging time of life. By learning how to help adolescents now, we prepare them for the future they will create not only for them, but for all of us!
— Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.



30 HOURS OF ONLINE learning!


15 Hours: 1.5 hours/10weeks of LIVE  in-class time with instructor


3 Hours: 1.5 hours/twice of LIVE experiential group practices with instructor in both dyad and in a large group


12 Hours: 1.5 hours/8weeks of didactic course content to be viewed on your own time


October 15th, 2019 -- January 14th, 2020

10 Weekly Sessions, 3 hours per week

Each week you will receive 3 hours of online training!


  • 15 hours of interactive 2-way voice and video interaction with the creator of Stressed Teens, Gina Biegel MA, LMFT. You will have the opportunity to listen, learn, and practice the interventions in this program.

  • 3 hours of experiential group practice to work on honing your skills to teach the mindfulness-based practices with teens. This is done in large and small group work with the instructor.

  • 12 hours of pre-recorded educational content that reflects the topics below.

  • Complimentary Stress Reduction Workbooks (First and Second Edition), Be Mindful Card Deck, Audio CD, Stressed Teens Instructor Guide, and the Stressed Teens Supplemental Instructor Guide all in digital format.

  • Complimentary Digital 8-Week MBSR-T Overview, Audio CD Transcripts, Practice Session Guide for the Body Scan and the Sitting Mindfulness Practices, all Research Journal Articles and all publications on MBSR-T.

  • Collateral material: samples flyers, logos, and brochures for you to download and use yourself.

  • You have access to all course PowerPoints

  • Bonus audio practices and transcripts

  • Recordings are available to view weekly to accommodate participants who cannot otherwise attend live.

  • Course Certificate provided at the end of the training




Group discounts are available for groups of 5 participants or more.

Weekly Session Content:

  • Session Purpose and Intentions

  • Mindfulness Defined

  • Mechanism of Change

  • Teen Takeaway

  • Key Mindfulness Interventions

  • Key Adolescent-Specific Interventions

  • Key Interventions Not Otherwise Specified

  • Focused Session Learning Objectives

  • Session Table

  • Be Mindful Card Deck to use in a given session

  • On-Your-Own Practices (OYOPs): suggested and optional

Topics to be Discussed in the Live Classes:

Week 1: About the Stressed Teens Online Program, an Introduction to Positive Neuroplasticity and the Connection to Mindfulness.

Week 2: The Foundations, History, and Research of the MBSR-T Program.

Week 3: Examining and defining the foundations of stress. Providing an introduction to mindfulness. 

Week 4: Exploring the effects of stress on the mind and body. Beginning a personal mindfulness practice.

Week 5: Developing and strengthening mindfulness practice. Learning how to increase present-moment awareness.

Week 6: Cultivating self-care and beginning to take in the good. Facilitating awareness of positive experiences and pleasant moments.

Week 7: Noticing, being, and working with thoughts. Facilitating awareness of negative experiences and unpleasant moments.

Week 8: Improving awareness through mindfulness. Utilizing positive coping strategies and behaviors to manage life. 

Week 9: Cultivating mindful resilience. Building mindful relationships. 

Week 10: Reviewing the MBSR-T program. Assessing mindfulness-based solutions. Making mindfulness a continuing part of daily living.

Who Should Participate

The Stressed Teens online certificate program is offered to participants that have a strong interest and/or background or both in any or all of the following areas: the practice and teaching of mindfulness, personal and professional development, health and well-being, emotional development, and community building.  

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Certificate Completion Requirements

In order to adequately prepare to be a Stressed Teens Facilitator and Instructor, participants are required to do two things:

1. Attend or view all classes 

2. Complete a ten-week journal, one double-spaced single page per week, to be turned in at the end of the ten week course. Journal topics are related to: mindfulness, adolescents, growth as a mindful instructor, and related topics.

Scope of Certification

The successful completion of 1 and 2 listed above certifies the completing participant to facilitate the full Stressed Teens program as it is to their own clients, attendees, students, and external organizations. Certified Stressed Teen Facilitators are are not able to directly train or certify others without the expressed written permission of Stressed Teens. Successful completion of this certification training does not consider graduates as employees of Stressed Teens and does not guarantee working as a facilitator for Stressed Teens.