stressed teens mindfulness instructor

advanced training intenSive

DEEPEN YOUR TEACHING SKILLS, work on individualized marketing, and adapt MBSR-T to your teaching setting

6-HOURS, 3-Sessions: TUESDAYS September 13TH, 27TH AND October 4th, 2016 

I am offering this class just for those who have completed the 10-week training in 2015 and 2016.  This advanced 3-session training will also provide a certificate and CEU's.  You will have a dedicated opportunity to work on the practices in the MBSR-T program.  We will be working to help you really hone in on your ability to teach the formal mindfulness practices, have marketing direction and a clear idea of how to use MBSR-T in the setting(s) you are going to be teaching in.  Aside from the content of the course, you have the opportunity to deepen and develop your mindful community.  

This advanced training intensive is going to be tailored to those who are in this course. It is requested that after you register you email me: with what you would find most helpful and beneficial in a training such as this. It is through this information that our training will be shaped.

The price for this unique offering is $250.00 USD for this 6-hour training.  The class will continue during our Tuesday slots from 4-6PM PST September 13th, 27th and October 4th.  This class needs a minimum of 6 attendees. If this class doesn't meet this number your money will be refunded in the method in which you paid. The sessions will be recorded and you can choose to attend this training fully by viewing the recordings.

The platform I am now using has full video 100% of the time with the instructor and any of the participants who chose to share their videos. This makes for a very rich teacher/student experience.

After this 3-session you can filter at no charge to a drop-in group I offer approximately every 4-6 weeks where we will be discussing unique topics relevant to the participants.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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