My deepest gratitude to those who have shared their experiences in the Stressed Teens Programs. I am honored and humbled to have taught these amazing people, but more importantly by what I have LEARNED from these amazing people!

Warmly,  Gina Biegel

Testimonials from Professionals

Trained in Stressed Teens

My experience with the Stressed Teens online course was amazing. Gina has a lovely way of helping the group feel heard and connected. The combination of recorded content, live content and online partner work was helpful and made for a dynamic course. I took Gina up on her offer of 3 post class mentor sessions in a small group which made for meaningful sharing and personal question/answer space. I now consider Gina a friend although we have yet to meet in person. I have taught one 8-week MBSR-T course thus and felt well prepared. Gina continues to be willing to answer my questions as I go along in my teaching. She has a high level of integrity and puts her whole heart into this valuable work with teens. I am super grateful that I found Stressed Teens!
— Laurie Angress Los Angeles, California
I found Gina Biegel’s Stressed Teens MBSR-T program to be a comprehensive and in-depth training that has fully prepared me to incorporate Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction into my individual and group work with teens in the school and outpatient setting. Her teaching style is authentic and engaging, allowing the online learning platform to have the feel and efficacy of being in a traditional classroom. Stressed Teens has proven to be an incredible resource for my professional learning and personal mindfulness practice. Thank you, Gina! 
— Gabby Bedard Franklin, Massachusetts
El curso en linea para Adoloescentes Estresados es una excelente oportunidad para tener un mayor conocimiento acerca de los fundamentos de Mindfulness y a la vez aprender estrategias que ayudaran a los muchachos y muchachas en la adolescencia . Gina, como instructora del programa, logra que sus estudiantes aprendan de una manera muy amplia y estructurada. Este curso tambien lo recomiendo para aquellas personas que deseen a nivel personal empezar a tener una vida mas llena de atencion plena.
— Carmela Chacon San Jose, Costa Rica
What a wonderful experience!  The Stressed Teens on-line certification course has really brought my work with teens to a deeper level making mindfulness easier to share and practice in a way the teens understand. Also, the course layout was user friendly and Gina’s authentic/transparent style of teaching made the training relaxing and quite self-reflective.  If you are interested in growing and sharing your mindfulness practices, then I highly recommend this course!
— Fred Lines Dallas, Texas
Gina Biegel’s Stressed Teens teacher training program is well designed for all those who want to help teenagers cope with life stress. The online classes allow for give and take between Gina and her students, and it encourages a sense of camaraderie among the participants. The course also offers a carefully organized curriculum. I particularly appreciated the variety of materials — research articles, powerpoint PDFs, instructor guides, and supplemental resources — that Gina provided. I enthusiastically recommend this course.
Gina Biegel is clear, open, straightforward, and gentle. Her care for her students comes through. She listens carefully and respectfully and makes sure she understands and responds to student questions.
— Whitney Stewart New Orleans, Louisiana
This 10-week program was a wonderful journey in the Mindfulness path. Gina shared with us her tremendous knowledge and expertise with teens. 
I really loved this course, which is based on MBSR, but truly adapted for teens. Learning from the community was a great asset too. I really recommend this course for any person who would like to bring mindfulness to youth.
Thank you Gina, for sharing with us! Warmly, Christine
— Christine Durand US and France
The Stress Teens course has been very resourceful and comprehensive, introducing both mindfulness and adolescence interventions. Gina has been very flexible about the course, allowing for both online live sessions and video recordings. This has been really helpful as I wasn’t able to attend any of the live sessions due to time differences. Although I wasn’t able to participate live, I was able to listen to the class sharing and discussions through the recordings, which was very useful for me. Thank you, Gina!
— Amy Ang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am very grateful to have taken Gina Biegel’s Stressed Teens online course in the Fall of 2015.  I have found Gina’s insights, mindful practices, and mastery at working with teens invaluable to my own work in coaching and teaching mindfulness skills to kids and teens and as a parent to my own teenage and tween boys.  Gina is a very authentic and caring person making her instruction and practices all the more appealing and enriching.
— Todd Corbin Shaker Heights, Ohio
As a teacher I found the training course for MBSR-T to be an excellent example of a well taught course; it is well organized, clear instructions are provided as are tips for responding to common questions and teen reactions. Background is provided as to both how to conduct each activity and why it matters. The key to the whole however is Gina’s ability to create a sense of being part of a community, learning together and trusting each other enough to practice comfortably; enabling all of us to use our knowledge well in the settings where we work.
— Priscilla Taylor Williams Media, Philadelphia
I’ve taken several online Mindfulness trainings and Gina Biegel’s Stressed Teens training is really outstanding! The program is clear and well structured. The webpage and resources are phenomenal. Every week students are provided a pre-recorded class, additional materials and resources in order to be prepared to fully assimilate the live class. During the live class there is constant interaction with her and all the doubts or commentaries are fully answered. There are also special sessions for students to practice and receive feedback on their skills. Gina is a clear, kind, empathetic and caring instructor with years of experience, not only in teaching adolescents and instructors, but also as a researcher and writer, she brings all this knowledge and experience to every class. Gina gives all the support, tips, resources and instruction required to succeed in bringing mindfulness to teens. I fully recommend Gina’s Stressed Teens online program.
— Amira Valle Mexico City, Mexico
The Stress Teens online course guided by Gina, has been an inspiring and profound experience. The workbook, lectures and all the material given is wonderful, it is incredibly structured and very complete and has given me another perspective on how to bring these deep, simple and beautiful practices to teens.

The platform on which the online course was shared allowed me to connect more deeply with Gina and all participants, this experience was actually held and enjoyed in a community environment. Gina opened her heart in an authentic way that allowed us to open ours and express actively making the sharing rich and profound.

I am very grateful for having participated in this meeting of hearts that definitely inspired me, and allowed me to deepen my personal practice, learn more and especially water my seeds of love. Gina thank you very much for sharing your practice and your work, which is impeccable, infinite blessings.
— Paola Garcia Nayarit, Mexico

“I learned that I can apply mindfulness everywhere, and it is a matter of reminding yourself. It inspired me for my future studies. I just graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and was looking to clarify my path.”

“I loved the singing bowl! I have one at home and will now bring this into a school setting I would suggest two days not just one! Gina is very down to earth and relatable. She is an inspirational speaker. Thank you for sharing your LIGHT with us.”

“I liked the practical ways to integrate this approach with youth and also that mindfulness is moving into the education system. I see this as vital! I have seen this approach work for me and am inspired to teach others. Especially children, they need to learn this early in life.”

“From now on while teaching I will model and practice mindfulness in front of my students.”

“I learned that multi-tasking may be the antithesis to mindfulness. Do one thing at a time.”

“Resistance to teaching mindfulness may be more about me than my students. I will continue using mindfulness as best I can.”

“When I did the bodyscan I felt serene, sleepy, calm, and at peace! Thank you Gina, that was a wonderful experience.”

“I learned not to feel guilty about doing things for myself. I learned that I need to go with the flow. Also, I need to plant seeds so that they may grow into beautiful things.”

“After the mindfulness practice I felt quiet, at peace, relaxed, and also energized. I feel very encouraged and I am looking forward to working with my students!”

“Mindfulness has huge results! I can’t believe this can help with cutting- so pleased!”

“Great work! I learned how mindfulness works with me and the community I serve. At the center is intention, attention, and attitude.”

“I am feeling relaxed and this is something that I want to start doing with my children and my clients. It’s nice to “stop and smell the roses”- really smell them!”

“I feel totally relaxed and sleepy. This sounds so useful not only in my class, but in my life. There is a lot of stigma that goes with anxiety and depression. Mindfulness seems like a great resource. I’ve noticed that my students are starting to identify symptoms of emotional and mental ailments, but don’t know what to do with them. Thank you.”

“My body feels verified. It feels as though every individual part is connected to one another. I normally feel very disconnected, like each part of my body is independent of the rest. This feeling of connectedness is very positive, relaxing, grounding, and light.”

“I feel like I was mindful before today, but I wasn’t sure how to teach students how to be mindful. Now I feel like I can start a group!”