Steering Our Way Back to Center 9/18/17

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Steering Our Way Back To Center

Some days it can be difficult to steer ourselves in certain directions. 

Do you ever have a day or an accumulation of days where you look forward to a clean slate, a new sun rise, and a cozy bed to jump into at the end of the day with hopes of getting a great night sleep to refresh your mind and body?

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The last week felt as though the earth was at an odd axis, with layered events affecting people personally and globally.  In working through them, we realize it took many shoulders and the kind words of family and friends to help us persevere.  Whether it’s a stain on a shirt you’d planned to wear, a great flood in your kitchen spilling over the sides of the sink like Niagra Falls, or events that don’t even need to be named, life just happens.  And when it does, it requires building up the resilience to roll through, do our best to stay afloat, and seek out the personal survival rafts we need to carry on.  It is a reminder that everyone around us- at home, at work, at school, around town, and at the gym- is having their moments, their own ups and downs. (Four Ways To Gain Perspective on Negative Events)


Life can be challenging at times, yet what is challenging varies and affects us in different ways. Through the tragedy that we have shared, we’ve learned that it’s how we live and roll with the ups and downs that help us steer in the direction we choose.  The challenges we face present us with opportunities to reset, rethink and redefine. What we learn along the way can make us stronger, healthier, more grateful. It’s how we live and love that define us and matter most.

Looking back on the week, we share what helped us through- being in moment, a little giggling, a little smiling, and a lot of moments to celebrate staying afloat! (Laughter the Surprising Secret to Staying Afloat) Most importantly, reminding ourselves to be in our life- enjoying it, savoring it, and feeling it, both the ups and downs. (When You Don’t Have A Babysitter For Date Night)

Sometimes we just need to “Look fear in the eye and punch it in the nose!” - anonymous teen ________________________________________________________________________


Mindfulness and How the Brain Works (Smiling Mind, Australia, 3:50 minutes)