Thank You! Gracias! 11/23/17

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Thank you! Gracias!


The simple phrase has such an impact. It’s easy to say, feels good to hear and can immediately transform one’s mood. Saying it recognizes the other’s efforts, another’s intention or gesture, and what’s in their heart. The praise acknowledges appreciation and connection to another. 

Thank you can be said with a smile. It is implied in the smile that graces a teen’s face when handed the keys for the first time to drive alone, or the stranger’s wave when allowed to pull out first from a four way stop. Saying the words out loud creates a connection that says I notice you, I appreciate what you do for me, or you are kind. “Thank you” takes us away from our mental traffic, the endless to-do list, and the focus on ourselves and connects us to the person and actions in the present moment. Focusing on others helps us feel close, connected and happy- all wonderful things to practice this Thanksgiving.

Appreciation is an excellent thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us, as well.
— Voltaire

We wish you a beautiful holiday sharing moments with family and friends.  Thank You for allowing us to share and connect.












Perfectly Imperfect,