Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 1 Gratitude

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 1 Gratitude

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of being grateful.

5 Tips to Work on Gratitude

1. When you wake up get a cup of coffee or tea and think of 5 things you are grateful for in your life.

2. During the day think of someone you are grateful to have in your life and let them know preferably by calling them. If you can't call, text or email them.

3. Do something today that would be considered self-care. When you do this activity, be grateful that you are taking some time to care for yourself.

4. Do something for someone else that would bring this person joy, happiness or peace. When you do this activity, be grateful that you are doing something to brighten another person's day.

5. When you go to sleep think of 1-2 things that you can think of today that you were grateful for. Acknowledge that you are working on the mindful quality of being grateful.

Please pass this on. Please share your experiences on social media. 

Warmly, Gina

P.S. I just took this picture today that is in this post. This picture is from my room in Half Moon Bay. I am grateful for being able to take a few self-care days. I am grateful for: the view of the ocean, the weather, the smell of the sea, the peace and joy I am filled with this day.