Be Mindful & Artful


fall Schedule 2019

October 23rd, 2019- November 13th, 2019

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Weekly Live Class Dates and Times:

To View LIVE Each Week. 

1.5 Hours Per Week (6-Hours of Instruction)

Week 1: October 23rd 4:30PM-6:00PM PT: 1.5 hours of LIVE time with Cheryl

Week 2: October 30th 4:30PM-6:00PM PT: 1.5 hours of LIVE  time with Cheryl

Week 3: November 6th 4:30PM-6:00PM PT PT: 1.5 hours of LIVE  time Cheryl

Week 4: November 13th 4:30PM-6:00PM PT: 1.5 hours of LIVE  time with Cheryl

*Non-sequential to accommodate holiday.

6 Hours: LIVE experiential group time with Cheryl Sosnowski in a group setting

Weekly Session Details:

  • Check-in and short mindful practice (10-15 mins)

  • Content, Meditations and Artful Practice (50 mins)

  • Table-side chat (15-20 mins)

each week:

WEEK 1 Turning Off Auto-Pilot and Coming to Our Senses:

Or first focus will be getting to know each other, followed by an introduction to mindfulness based art. You will discover the ways you’ve been living on auto pilot as well as the busy thoughts – and their voices – constantly humming away in your mind. We will do 3 easy introductory mindful art practices, 2 meditations, and I will leave you with a weekly awareness practice you can do anywhere.

WEEK 2 Presence and Big Brush Painting – mindfulness of body:

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Building on our skills from last week, we will learn more about tuning into our body. Our bodies are equipped to take in information, constantly. You will learn to notice, rather than react, to what your are taking in. You will learn with 3 new art practices, 2 meditations and another weekly awareness practice.

WEEK 3 A new perspective – Learning to see:

Building on the skills you have been practicing, you will now learn to change your perspective and discover you see things 100% unique to you. This class will also help you gain clarity and curiosity into how other people see things. More new art practices, 2 meditations and a weekly awareness practice.

WEEK 4 Awareness for Life:

In our final class, you will do one long project that will teach you to notice and trust what arises, help you tune into and trust your intuition, and accept things as they are. These are practices you can continue to grow and strengthen every day.