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summer Schedule 2018

July 14th & July 21st, 2018



Session Live Class Dates and Times:

To View LIVE Each Session

4 Hours Per Saturday (8 Hours of Instruction)


  • Live Class Session 1: July 14th, 2018 9:00AM-1:00PM PT
  • Live Class Session 2: July 21st, 2018 9:00AM-1:00PM PT

Both session times are listed in Pacific Time

Session Content includes:

Session One: Diving in-to the heart of the matter

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Social Media

  • This section defines what exactly "social media" means and how social media companies work. We also explore its positive and negative effects and how to approach young people about these ideas.

Video Games

  • This section covers the vast landscape of video games. The video game industry is gigantic and its valuable for adults to understand the modern gaming landscape.
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Messenger Apps

  • We will talk about the various messaging services on the Internet and how parents can help their kids more mindfully communicate with their friends and strangers.

Online Bullying

  • Bullying is a serious issue both in person and online. It can happen in a variety of places that many parents might not even think to look. This section tries to help identify bullying and how to help kids deal with and understand it.

Session 2: How Things Work


  • Understanding some of the basics of how the Internet works underneath shiny web pages and fun apps on your devices is helpful. The Internet's inner workings inform how things like social networks and advertising work. Knowing how these things operate can help you help your teen navigate the Internet.
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Social Networks

  • A deeper dive into the actual workings of social media networks. Everything from friend requests to your news feed.

Advertising and Tracking

  • Knowing a bit more about how the Internet and social networks work, we'll explore how advertising and user tracking works on the Internet.
Fake-news-letters-on-colorful-keys-694879770_1258x838 (1)_Web.jpeg

Wagging the Dog

  • We'll talk about how social networks and news feeds work and why they show you what they do.



Fostering an Interest in Technological Careers

  • If you have young people with an interest in a future with technology but aren't sure how exactly to help them we'll explore some ideas and programs. Today's kid tinkering with something