About Connect Be Well

Connect Be Well is Ana and Kerri’s online offering of resources for parents, schools, and communities. Our focus/purpose is:  Creating healthy conversations with our kids and our community.   Navigating the waves of parenting especially after the loss of one of our teens.  Sharing helpful resources and tools from our journey.

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Our pieces are love letters to ourselves- ideas, resources and tools that help us ride the waves of parenting. And we hope they bring you the big hug we give ourselves in writing them, and validate your feelings so you feel connected.

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How connect be well started

Forming Connect Be Well

Forming Connect Be Well

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connecting with gina and reaching out

How Ana, Kerri, and Gina began collaborating



Online Learning


Critical Conversations with Parents


September 10th, 2018-- October 1st, 2018

Parents Engaging to Learn, Share, and Gain New Understandings on Mindful Topics in Parenting

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Highlights from a Recent parent night with Ana, kerri, & gina

COllaborating with Reach club: Teens in action with a purpose

Teens Reaching Others, Themselves, and the Community

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Many of the resources under the community resources section of the website come from Ana & Kerri's Love Letters to Parents.

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