A Student-Led Club Promoting:

*Kindness *Wellness *Awareness


Ana and Kerri's research for parents and students filled a need for tools, resources and information. With our support, a group of students created the REACH club to share resources for meeting the needs of their student body and in a way that was inclusive to all students. The group's questions and issues have led to collaborations with others on campus, within our local community and across the country. We are happy and grateful to have brought Gina Biegel as a mentor to share mindfulness-based tools and practices with the students.


Students began seeking tools on how to:

  • Connect with themselves

  • Connect with other students

  • Navigate the challenges of school/life

  • Building resilience and social emotional intelligence

  • Worrying about to-do lists

  • Creating and nurturing relationships with peers and adults

  • Managing expectations (own and others')

  • Meeting time & life demands

  • Feeling over-committed

  • Maintaining a healthy life balance


Student members aspire to:

  • Cultivate their own well-being and resilience

  • Learn ways to navigate life as healthy and balanced students

  • Create a safe space to talk about important issues

  • Promote a culture of caring on their campus

Start a REACH Club

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Please fill out the Needs Assessment and Conversation Starter if you are interested in starting a REACH Club.

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