Mindfulness 101 (08/21/17)

Mindfulness 101

Central Coast Beach

Central Coast Beach

Breathing is not as simple as we think and many of us may even take it for granted. However,scientific studies and centuries of meditation and breathwork practice have explored how our breathing affects the quality of our thoughts, emotions, well-being and, thus, quality of life. This article from Harvard Medical School cites the research and offers guidance on methods:


The Mindful Qualities

The Mindful Qualities

Remember when recycling wasn’t even a thing? Now we have designated tubs and separate cans and can’t imagine throwing away bottles, cans and newspapers in the trash. Some say that mindfulness will soon become what running and healthy eating habits were to our health and well-being decades ago. In our fast-paced, plugged-in, highly distracted, and often tuned-out culture, finding regular opportunities to unplug may be challenging, but necessary (think vacation without email). We can all benefit from mindfulness and a daily dose of it can add to our happy tank. Perhaps, mindfulness can become a tool we use as individuals and as a family to help navigate our daily lives.

New to mindfulness or not quite sure what it is? Here are a few short videos that provide a solid, well-informed introduction for you and to share with your family (for all ages).

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation (2:43)

Mindfulness and How the Brain Works from Smiling Mind (3:50)

Here are some fun videos on breathing that gave our families the giggles:

Raffi even put out a catchy song about the benefits of breathing last spring:


Celebrating Being Perfectly Imperfect!

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