Celebrating Being Perfectly Imperfect You Are Not Alone Letter 1 (08/17)

Celebrating Being Perfectly Imperfect

Taken by an amazing teen

Taken by an amazing teen

Is life a little overwhelming sometimes? Do you ever feel challenged parenting your teen? Not sure you fully understand the pressures they feel or have a grasp of their social, emotional, academic and relational landscape? Does your teen’s reliance on social media and multi-tasking over homework mystify you? Not sure how best to encourage them to take responsibility for their life and initiative in their learning? Well, you’re not alone.

We are fortunate when we can rely on family and good friends for advice and support. We know that it takes a village to raise a child/teen. Now more than ever, many of us need peer support to parent through the rocky terrain of adolescence. Life is always going to present us with amazing highs and also some incredible lows. How we choose to navigate the journey is personal, but it’s reassuring to know everyone is on the journey. Sometimes, all we need to do is focus on caring for ourselves and others rather than focusing on our accomplishments. Other times, we need to create better balance. Our kids, our peers, our community, and having an open dialogue brings barriers down and helps to create a community of caring.

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We created Love Letters to Parents a part of Stressed Teens Parent to Parent Collaborative, because we aspire to help others embrace life’s challenges by gathering and sharing tools and resources and creating meaningful connections. We are information gatherers, parents seeking tools and resources to help guide us along, and human beings who ultimately just want to raise other happy, healthy, caring and thoughtful human beings. Together we hope to create a culture of acceptance and growth, collaborate along the way and continue to dialogue with our children and each other.

Artist Simon, 13 years old

Artist Simon, 13 years old

Our goal is to open the dialogue for our school community, continue to create a community of caring, and have Love Letters to Parents be a part of your week. It will be an opportunity for us to share valuable resources, research-based practices, links to useful online resources and tools to assist in our journey, and news of opportunities for parents to come together around common interests. Each letter we’ll present a theme geared to the teen climate or community needs, keeping our information gathering pertinent to today .

Celebrating Being Perfectly Imperfect!

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