An Attitude of Gratitude (10/16/7)

An Attitude of Gratitude

Gravel road in Idaho

Gravel road in Idaho

It’s been sunny and warm. We are grateful to live in a place with incredible weather, countless opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors (ANY time of year!), and live in a community that values well-being! If you read the paper or heard news, Gallup-Healthways' newly released Community Well-Being Index is out ranking the communities of the United States. While looking closely at the rankings and thinking about what they say and don’t quite capture, we know that well-being is not solely determined by geography, climate or weather. There are many qualities that shape and influence our well-being- some are even hard to measure.

We introduced mindfulness last week, and one of the most important mindful qualities that affects our overall well-being is gratitude. This week, let us be grateful for the many relationships we have that foster our well-being as students, parents, and teachers. Thank you to all the individuals and groups who support our students’ learning and being every day. Thank you teachers for what you teach and give to our students. We are grateful when you “see” and relate to them, inspire them and get them excited to learn. Thank you to all who keep our students safe and feeling comfortable/welcome. We appreciate that they feel a sense of belonging that helps them get out of bed in the morning. Thank you coaches, club leaders, teachers, support staff and administrators who see our kids, recognize their gifts, and value their input, contributions and willingness to participate in co-curricular activities. Thank you to all who keep the school clean and our learning environments healthy. You teach and model what it means to take pride in where we live and work, to care for things and treat our environment with respect. Thank you peers, teammates and friends for making middle and high school the experience that it is. We are grateful for all you do to make it a positive, life-shaping four years. Heartfelt thank yous to our kids. They are our teachers who help us navigate and learn from life. We value all that you bring to our lives and love you for all that you are.

Sunset on the Central Coast

Sunset on the Central Coast

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