Leaving My Ego at the Door Being Truly Humble: A Personal Reveal

I try to the best of my ability to be compassionate, authentic, and non-judging toward myself and others.  These are among the qualities I consider to be part of living mindfully.  What about a quality that encompasses humility and "non-egoness" (ok, that isn't a word, but just go with it)?

I feel there's a few different takes on humility. There's the classic humility where you've got the wise elder who seems to have just enough ego seasoned with just enough humility to be well balanced. There's being humble to a fault, never giving oneself credit or being too self-effacing. There's also fake humility that is peppered with entitlement. I'll admit I've had a bit of that fake humility myself. I let my ego get tied a little too closely with my online class and started to feel a little entitled. I felt entitled that people should sign up for classes all along thinking I was being humble.  Now, I find a new lease on teaching and my business.

As I begin a new chapter in my career, the launch of an all new online training program I am also launching a new me (as best I can).  I feel like a little bean sprout that is just beginning to grow.  I am present to my humility and fear.  What if people don't sign up?  What if I can't get my mojo back?  What I am realizing is these feelings are humility and being real.  It is so amazing to feel so genuinely excited when people inquire about the class or when I get a new sign up.  

 I haven't taught this class for a year and now feel inspired, honored, excited, and authentic.  I am so grateful that Dan Siegel wrote a great endorsement for the program and feel supported and acknowledged for the work I do.  If two people sign up or a thousand I am grateful for what is brought to me and that anyone wants to learn from me. I'm excited for a chance to share ideas.  How amazing it that?  To get an opportunity to have a fresh start is really a gift.  We can give ourselves this gift.  

A good first step to getting a fresh start is to acknowledge when we want to make a change and then do something about it.  As a helping professional, there are times that we hit a wall and can burnout.  It is when we don't talk about it is where damage can really ensue.  It is so beautiful to find my passion and excitement again.  Mindful Moment IS YOUR EGO IN THE DOORWAY?  IF SO, PUSH IT OUT!