Eating a Houseplant Mindfully: It Can Be Done

Have you ever watched your pet eat something as if it had never eaten that item before?  I got to watch one of my cats today enjoy and savor each and every bite of the houseplant.  Why did he go for the hardest ones on the bottom by the base of the plant?  Was he hoping his effort would get him a more savory taste?  

When we teach teens how to eat something mindfully we want them to taste the item as if it has never been eaten before.  Cats are such a great model for eating mindfully.  Dogs however seem to be the opposite.  At times I am curious if my dog even really tastes what she is given.  

Take the time to savor each bite each taste life has to offer you this day.  Mindful moment, EAT SOMETHING YOU LOVE TODAY WITH ALL THE FERVOR YOU CAN.