Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 3 Resilience

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 3 Resilience

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of being resilient.

The dictionary has two definitions on what resilience means:

*The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

*The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

5 Tips to Work on Resilience

1. Reframe Expectations

When something doesn't go the way you would like or expect work on reframing it. Reframing doesn't mean you don't have feelings about it not going the way you wanted or expected. Reframing in this case, means that you can be flexible with what is presented at this time.

Example: I work on this quality on Sunday's with my colleague and dear friend Lee Freedman. I wasn't able to get it done Sunday or even Monday. So I had a choice do it now Tuesday morning or wait until the coming Sunday. I chose to do it now. I chose to be flexible. I chose not to beat myself up for not being "perfect." I also had a really solid example of resilience.

2. Take in the Good

Each day notice something good or positive in your day. Even in days where things go awry, look for the good. It can be difficult when you are having a bad day or things just aren't working out the way you had hoped. Pay attention to something beautiful in nature outside of your office, school, or home. Notice the smile from another. Look for things that will brighten your mood each day this week.

3. Create the Good

A great way to be resilient and recover quickly from difficulties is to do something you enjoy or brings you happiness. One way to do this is make it happen yourself---Create the Good. Smile at another and see how they respond back. Hold the door open for someone and see how they respond. Let someone know that you appreciate something they have done or acknowledge them for a strength of theirs and see how they respond. We can create good moments in our life in our interactions with others. We don't have to wait for good to come to us.

4. Take Things: One at a Time

When we look at our to do list all at once or as soon as we do one thing we add another to the endless list of to-do's just STOP. Take a breath, take a mindful minute and just take one thing at a time. The list will be there, but if you get overwhelmed by the list you will be limited by your ability to fully be present to do anything. Take one thing at a time. Focus on that one thing. After congratulate yourself for what you did and decide what to do next.

5. Laugh

Do something you enjoy that allows you to laugh. Be it a conversation with a friend, a good comedy movie or something else. Be free to laugh in all moments. 


Please pass this on. Please share your experiences on social media. 

Warmly, Gina Biegel and Lee Freedman