Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 4 Letting Go

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 4 Letting Go

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of letting go.

Letting Go: To try not to resist, hold on to, or struggle with issues in your life. The act of allowing, moving on, releasing or surrendering to something that happened in your life that impacts you negatively.
— Gina Biegel

5 Tips to Work on Letting Go

1. If It Doesn't Fit Let it Go!

If you find that you are doing something and it isn't easily unfolding maybe it isn't meant to be. Consider if you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I find that when we try really hard for something to work that we are sure is supposed to be the right answer, choice etc. and it just isn't working out maybe it isn't the best fit after all. If you find that you are coming up against a lot of road blocks it might be time to evaluate and see if you should move in a new direction.

2. Letting Go Might Open You Up for Some New Delight

I love the Guest House poem by Rumi. We can get upset when something doesn't go our way or we find that we are presented with options that we weren't expecting. Let go of preconceived ideas and go with the flow. Letting go might allow some NEW DELIGHT to flow into your life. Even when something awful happens in your day see if letting go of the yucky feelings can open you up to a possible wonderful experience that can come out of it.

3. Don't Hold all that Emotional Baggage

Letting go of painful experiences doesn't mean that the experiences didn't occur or take place, but that you don't have to hold onto them anymore. You don't have to let the weight of painful experiences weigh you down. Think if there are things you can let go of right now that are holding you down in some way. Maybe by holding on you are unable to let go and move forward.

4. Let Go of Power it is Freeing

There is a lot of power and freedom in letting go of something that has its grasp on you. It can take a lot of power and strength to let go and it is in the letting go that freedom can ensue. Let go of something that you really don't want to. Something that has just been nagging at your side for some time. Fly like a bird and be free!

5. Let Go of a Particular Outcome

Again, consider if you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. There are times when we expect a certain outcome and even need a certain outcome. However, if you don't get that particular outcome, LET IT GO. Ask yourself, "what harm will it cause you if you just let it go?" The answer says it all.

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Warmly, Gina Biegel

Photo Credit: Lee Freedman