Mind the Mayonnaise: Has Mindfulness Become a Staple in Our Lives?

I frequently smile when I see a new offshoot of how mindfulness can be applied to all the areas of our lives.  Mayonnaise the next frontier.  I enjoy seeing how mindfulness has become a part of the fabric of our society and lives.  I remember not so long ago when it was even considered "taboo."  I remember teaching my first mindfulness class for teens in 2004 and a teen thinking I was a hippie and trust me if you know me you know I am not a hippie, but I definitely smiled then and continue through to today.

 I am humbled and grateful how mindfulness has transformed into our lives that people can apply it to anything they do including eating mayonnaise.  If it can be this readily available then teens and their parental counterparts will be more open to the offerings mindfulness can provide.  The mindful moment today: MAKE A SANDWICH MINDFULLY!