Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens

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I have found the benefits of mindfulness to be indispensable in my personal and professional life. I only wish I had known about this practice when I was younger. Gina Biegel’s book serves as an excellent resource for young folks looking to integrate this transformative practice into their own lives. With peer pressure, information overload, and constant connection to social media an ever present reality, I would recommend it to any student.
— Tim Ryan, congressman and author of A Mindful Nation
Warm, inviting, and helpful, this gem of a book brings mindfulness down to earth for adolescents and young adults. Gina Biegel is a world-class expert on this subject, and she writes straight from her own heart, offering simple and powerful ideas and practices. Teens are under more pressure than ever these days, and this book is a wonderful resource.
— -Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Resilient

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BE IN THE KNOW: About the Workbook Activities

The print workbook has thirty-seven activities that are all used in the MBSR-T program. Each activity has a part titled “Something More” that enhances the activity or brings forth another activity that can be used in

MBSR-T. The specific workbook activity to use for each of the interventions will be provided, where relevant for each of the sessions.

Activities 1–6 allow for teens’ exploration and understanding of stress and the role stress and stressors have in life.

Activities 7–35, the majority of the workbook, are mindfulness based. The mindfulness activities unfold in three parts:

·      Activities that allow for foundational mindfulness development

·      Activities that focus on building social skills, communication, and relationship development

·      Activities that are intended to improve emotion regulation and metacognition

Several activities are only available online and can be found at as downloadable or printable resources. A number of resources that can be written on and used repeatedly are also available for download at this website.