Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 5 Acceptance

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 5 Acceptance

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of acceptance.

“Acceptance does not mean putting up with or resigning yourself to anything. Acceptance is about embracing life, not merely tolerating it. Acceptance literally means "taking what is offered." It doesn't mean giving up or admitting defeat; it doesn't mean just gritting your teeth and bearing it. It means fully opening yourself to your present reality - acknowledging how it is, right here and now, and letting go of the struggle with life as it is in this moment.”

— Russ Harris, MD

5 Tips to Work on Acceptance

1. Acceptance of What Exists in this Moment

Knowledge and awareness can help you to be present to what is in this moment. It is through being present and aware that acceptance can ensue. Take an inventory of different areas of your life. Perhaps take a 8 1/2 x 11 size piece of paper and fold it into four quadrants. Sample quadrants: work, family, projects working on and intentions you are working toward. This inventory is just a list or notes about what belongs in the different areas. There are no value judgments of what is listed. This inventory is noticing what is today JUST AS IT IS!

2. Acceptance of Your Strengths

There are times strengths get pushed to the back burner and don't get a lot of brain time. This might be because you are focused on your weaknesses. But it could also be that you just aren't used to embracing them. It is interesting to think of the social component and sharing strengths. How it is or isn't acceptable to share your strengths. Make a list today of five of your strengths. Then read the list to yourself in the morning when you wake up all week. If you are feeling really motivated, share the list with someone in your life that you feel comfortable doing so.

3. Acceptance of Your Imperfections

You are who you are imperfections and all. Think of three imperfections that make you unique and are goofy or silly aspects of yourself. Share these with someone you feel comfortable doing so. Don't forget to smile. Ok, I am going to write my list and share it with the world.

  • Mondegreen is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase. Example, I thought the song by ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man for decades was Short Dressed Man.
  • Malapropoism is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound. Example, I am going to cross my I's and dot my T's instead of dot my I's and cross my T's.
  • I am addicted to chapstick and believe in a conspiracy theory that once you start using it there is something in the product that gets you to have to keep using it.

4. Acceptance When Things Don't Go Your Way

We as humans like to have control over how things are going to turn out. We like to know when things are going to happen. However, we don't have all the control. Unfortunately, we interact in a world where other people and events play into how life unfolds. When something doesn't go your way today try to accept it. You never know this event could be "opening you up for some new delight" as Rumi puts it.

5. A Lesson on Living

The Serenity Prayer speaks volumes to being accepting of life as it is.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Warmly, Gina Biegel

Photo Credit: Lee Freedman

Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 4 Letting Go

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 4 Letting Go

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of letting go.

Letting Go: To try not to resist, hold on to, or struggle with issues in your life. The act of allowing, moving on, releasing or surrendering to something that happened in your life that impacts you negatively.
— Gina Biegel

5 Tips to Work on Letting Go

1. If It Doesn't Fit Let it Go!

If you find that you are doing something and it isn't easily unfolding maybe it isn't meant to be. Consider if you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I find that when we try really hard for something to work that we are sure is supposed to be the right answer, choice etc. and it just isn't working out maybe it isn't the best fit after all. If you find that you are coming up against a lot of road blocks it might be time to evaluate and see if you should move in a new direction.

2. Letting Go Might Open You Up for Some New Delight

I love the Guest House poem by Rumi. We can get upset when something doesn't go our way or we find that we are presented with options that we weren't expecting. Let go of preconceived ideas and go with the flow. Letting go might allow some NEW DELIGHT to flow into your life. Even when something awful happens in your day see if letting go of the yucky feelings can open you up to a possible wonderful experience that can come out of it.

3. Don't Hold all that Emotional Baggage

Letting go of painful experiences doesn't mean that the experiences didn't occur or take place, but that you don't have to hold onto them anymore. You don't have to let the weight of painful experiences weigh you down. Think if there are things you can let go of right now that are holding you down in some way. Maybe by holding on you are unable to let go and move forward.

4. Let Go of Power it is Freeing

There is a lot of power and freedom in letting go of something that has its grasp on you. It can take a lot of power and strength to let go and it is in the letting go that freedom can ensue. Let go of something that you really don't want to. Something that has just been nagging at your side for some time. Fly like a bird and be free!

5. Let Go of a Particular Outcome

Again, consider if you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. There are times when we expect a certain outcome and even need a certain outcome. However, if you don't get that particular outcome, LET IT GO. Ask yourself, "what harm will it cause you if you just let it go?" The answer says it all.

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Warmly, Gina Biegel

Photo Credit: Lee Freedman

Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 3 Resilience

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 3 Resilience

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of being resilient.

The dictionary has two definitions on what resilience means:

*The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

*The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

5 Tips to Work on Resilience

1. Reframe Expectations

When something doesn't go the way you would like or expect work on reframing it. Reframing doesn't mean you don't have feelings about it not going the way you wanted or expected. Reframing in this case, means that you can be flexible with what is presented at this time.

Example: I work on this quality on Sunday's with my colleague and dear friend Lee Freedman. I wasn't able to get it done Sunday or even Monday. So I had a choice do it now Tuesday morning or wait until the coming Sunday. I chose to do it now. I chose to be flexible. I chose not to beat myself up for not being "perfect." I also had a really solid example of resilience.

2. Take in the Good

Each day notice something good or positive in your day. Even in days where things go awry, look for the good. It can be difficult when you are having a bad day or things just aren't working out the way you had hoped. Pay attention to something beautiful in nature outside of your office, school, or home. Notice the smile from another. Look for things that will brighten your mood each day this week.

3. Create the Good

A great way to be resilient and recover quickly from difficulties is to do something you enjoy or brings you happiness. One way to do this is make it happen yourself---Create the Good. Smile at another and see how they respond back. Hold the door open for someone and see how they respond. Let someone know that you appreciate something they have done or acknowledge them for a strength of theirs and see how they respond. We can create good moments in our life in our interactions with others. We don't have to wait for good to come to us.

4. Take Things: One at a Time

When we look at our to do list all at once or as soon as we do one thing we add another to the endless list of to-do's just STOP. Take a breath, take a mindful minute and just take one thing at a time. The list will be there, but if you get overwhelmed by the list you will be limited by your ability to fully be present to do anything. Take one thing at a time. Focus on that one thing. After congratulate yourself for what you did and decide what to do next.

5. Laugh

Do something you enjoy that allows you to laugh. Be it a conversation with a friend, a good comedy movie or something else. Be free to laugh in all moments. 


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Warmly, Gina Biegel and Lee Freedman

Mindful Quality 10-Week Challenge Week 2 Generosity

Welcome to the Mindful Quality Challenge: Week 2 Generosity

"Generosity is not limited to the giving of material things. We can be generous with our kindness and receptivity." ~Gil Fronsdal

This week your job is to work on noticing and implementing the quality of being generous.

5 Tips to Work on Generosity

1. Listen with Generosity

The next time someone is talking to you, listen to them without thinking of the next thing to say. Hint: If someone were to ask you to reflect back what you just heard you would be able to do so effortlessly.

2. Be Present with Generosity

Remove distractions when you are interacting with someone face-to-face. Hint: Put cell phones, iPads and other technological devices away while you are with this person.

3. Generosity Toward Yourself

 Take a 1-minute pause between your daily activities to notice what you are thinking, feeling and sensing before beginning a new activity. 

4. Anonymous Act of Generosity

Do something kind for someone else without telling them. 

5. Awareness of Generosity

Take an inventory at the end of each day, reflecting on any acts of generosity initiated by yourself or others.

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Warmly, Gina Biegel and Lee Freedman