Super Soul Sunday

Kudos Jon Kabat-Zinn on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

Mindfulness is not a concept it is a practice.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness isn't something outside of yourself or a product that you go buy at a store. Mindfulness is an intrinsic part of who you already are. Mindfulness is being present to your mind, body, and life every moment of every day. When you are present and aware in the moment you are connecting to your mindful self. It doesn't take anymore time to be mindful because it can be as consistent as the breath in your body.  

When you are working on a task: making soup, taking a shower, or doing homework are you truly present to what you are doing in the moment?  When you engage in any task notice how you feel, what thoughts are present, how you are breathing!  Sometimes we can get off track, thinking about the past or future and lose sight of the task at hand.  There is no benefit to judging yourself when you notice you aren't as present to the task as you would like.  When you notice you are thinking about something else or that you have gotten off track gently bring yourself back to the moment.  Bringing yourself back to the task at hand is as important as doing the task itself. Being mindful is a skill that can be cultivated by practice. It is similar to building a muscle. You don't often start with very heavy weights rather lighter ones and slowly progress.  Mindfulness isn't about being perfect.  It is about being who you already are.  

Life is not about doing everything right.  Life is about being present to life moment by moment by moment. Mindful moment: BE PRESENT TO YOUR DAY AS IT UNFOLDS WITH AS LITTLE JUDGMENT AS POSSIBLE.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think
— Everyone

Thanks Jon for being my mentor, my friend and helping the world to be their best true self.